Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

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The presentation consists of three rooms, each 10 feet by 10 feet (100 square feet) each 8 feet high.  The rooms are constructed out of pipe and drape with custom printed cotton panels on all four sides.  The rooms are easily entered and exited by moving a panel to the side.  There will also be a timer and various props and puzzles in each room.  We require one electric outlet per room.  There are three staff members and we request assistance with the tear down process where available.  Setup is three hours, Teardown is 90 minutes.



We offer three themes:

  • Escape from College – find your diploma
  • Escape the Zombie Invasion – find the key to the old truck to drive away
  • Treasures of the Tomb – find the treasure


Teams of up to six players have fifteen minutes to solve the puzzles to win the game.  Unlike other Escape rooms, they are not locked in but must find the solution to the room in the form of a physical item.  They play one room at a time and each room is played individually.  The players may play additional rooms if there is availability.

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Loss of Play

Due to the unique nature of these rooms and the interconnectivity of each prop and puzzle, should one of your guests steal or break one of the items, that room must be shut down for the duration.  We cannot carry backup on each room so we have to bring the room back to our offices to repair or replace items.  It is suggested that you may have some volunteer monitors to ensure nothing is taken.

Waiting Line Play

We will have a series of tables with individual puzzles and brain teasers on them for your guests to play while waiting for their turn in the Escape room – these will vary in difficulty.


1 review for Escape Rooms

  1. Sally Hughes

    We played escape room at High Point University over parents weekend. It was a fun family event; we played with our daughters roomate, her sister and father.

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