Competition Site

Competition Site

Choose from classic competition games such as Potato Sack Races, Tug of War, Relay Races, Buddy Walkers, Egg & Spoon, Water Balloon Toss and more. Competition site must be part of larger picnic package.

Balloon Stuffing Game – Teams select one participant to wear our oversized one piece long underwear while the remainder of the team races to stuff as many balloons as possible into the underwear. The team with the most balloons stuffed wins!!!

Belly Bumper Relays – Two teams race back and forth in our oversized .doughnuts.. Similar to Potato Sack Races, but much more hilarious.

Buddy Walker Races – combining elements of cross-country skiing, tin-can stilts, and the classic sack race. Two teams of six race at the same time as the team works together to be the first to the finish line.

Chipping Contest – Using a wedge and five golf balls, contestants chip at three hula hoops worth 10, 20 & 30 points each. High score wins!

Egg or Balloon Toss – The old fashioned standby where partners throw a raw egg (water balloon) back and forth from increasingly farther distances until only one egg (water balloon) remains unbroken.

Hula Hoops – Bobby K brings four Hula Hoops and contestants compete to see who is the best .Hula Hooper. in style or length of time.

Limbo – “How low can you go. determines the winner of this favorite!

Sack Races – Whether with teams of two, four or more, contestants race back and forth to their waiting partner to transfer the potato sack and hop to the finish line.

Tug o’ War – We provide the rope, you provide the muscle until one team is left. Also available in a .Four Way. Tug of War.

Walla Balla – An exciting new game where you strap on our Walla-ball device and swing your hips to score baskets before your opponents do.

Wooden Egg Races – This relay race is not only fun, but is great to watch as team members try to use balance and hand-eye coordination to be first across the finish line. Up to six teams can compete at a time!


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