The Match Game

The Match Game

Watch the video above to learn more about “The Match Game” from Bobby K Entertainment!

Game Play

  • Nine rounds – opening screen with nine boards showing
  • Players line up to play and board is displayed with the numbers 1-25
  • Players guess a number, the prize beneath is revealed, then they guess a second number, the prize is revealed
  • If a Smile face comes up, they choose another number (free turn)
  • If a Frown face comes up, they lose their turn
  • If they make a match, they win that prize and we move on to the next round
  • If they do not make a match, they move to the back of the line and the next person attempts a match
  • Once a winning match is made – all the squares are opened on the board so we can see where prizes were.  Game is closed and new game is opened up.


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