Spin Art – “The Old is New”

Since the days of the spyrograph, spin art has been attractive to kids of all ages. Starting as pen marks on a piece of paper and progressing to a spinning disc of paper with paint blotches, the process creates “art” works each a unique design.

For years, the biggest and only addition to spin art cards was the Frisbee. Perfectly shaped for spinning without flying off the holder, primarily white Frisbees are used to give the greatest contrast to the various brightly colored paints. The end result is a custom art creation that can then be used for play.

In the past few years, almost anything can be used for spin art with a bit of adaptation. Spin Art T-shirts and hand bags came along with the advent of clothing inks and paints.  Edible spin art in the shape of cookies and colored icings became another option.

Now, the hottest spin art product is one that is unusual on its own and even more so when paint is added. Shutter Shad glasses are not really sunglasses or glasses at all. They are a plastic frame that holds plastic shutters across the eyepiece. Not functional but fashionable!

Coming in all different colors including metallic gold and silver, the shades become vibrant when paint is added. Add the spinning of the machine and there is no limit to the crazy designs that can be made. Because the glasses are plastic, they are also very reasonably priced.

For more information on adding Spin Art Shutter Shades to your party, contact Bobby K Entertainment.

Spin Art Shades

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