Safe Inflatables for Kids

Ziff Law recently used Bobby K Entertainment as a resource for their latest blog post on safely using inflatables, moonwalks, and bouncehouses. The New York Accident Attorneys wrote this post because of the recent accidents involving improperly installed bounce houses and inflatables.

The blog post includes a Q & A with Bobby K owner Bob Kramarik. He describes what it means to be a part of the State Advisory Board for Amusements and the national Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals (ROAR). He also talks about whether there have actually been more accidents or simply more reports about accidents – and what parents can do to make sure their children are not involved in one.

If you ever have any questions about inflatable safey and you’d like to talk to one of our personal representatives, please call during the week between 10am and 5pm or email our staff and we’ll be sure to get back to you quickly and efficiently.

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