Reindeer Racing for your Holiday Theme Party

I wouldn’t blame you for asking what the heck Reindeer Racing can possibly be?  While some creative party people have created live racing with crabs, goldfish and even mice, the Humane Societies and Health Departments sometimes frown upon such activities.

But Reindeer Racing?  Fantasy Horse Races have been around for quite some time now and are very popular as holiday party entertainment or as a fundraiser for non-profit groups.  The concept is simple – just bet on a horse to win a race, pop in a video of a race from long ago and then wait to see the results.  If your horse wins, you win money back or one of the winners is drawn for a prize.

The fun of a horse race is in cheering on your horse and friendly competition among your fellow party-goers.

Reindeer Racing is a computer animation with the same basic concept.  Six Reindeer skate down a track on a projection screen or TV monitor during each race.  The computer program is set to be totally random so there is no possibility of knowing which Reindeer is going to win.  Partygoers must rely entirely on luck and instinct.

The six Reindeer come with traditional names but this can be customized.  Each race can have differently named reindeer making the races more personal.  This also allows for sponsorship opportunities where you allow a sponsor to name a reindeer after a top product or an employee.  Each race can also be individually sponsored.

Before each race, participants take a two sided ticket, tear it in half, then place one half in a box or bag indicating which Reindeer they want to bet on.  This can be accomplished with paper or in any number of manners.

The Race starts onscreen with a countdown, then music plays as the Reindeer take off out of their gates towards the finish line, all the time being encouraged and cheered by the people who have bet on them.  The Reindeer constantly change positions and an announcer can call the race live as it happens.  When the race is over, the top three move to the winner’s stand for the announcement of first, second & third places.

Party organizers can choose to award prizes for all three places or just the first place finisher.  In our parties, we also take every losing ticket and put it into a grand drawing at the end for some consolation prizes.

Reindeer Racing is available exclusively from Bobby K Entertainment.

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