Photo Booth Rentals are Big Hits

It didn’t take long – bring back something old and make it new again. THEN change it to meet the demands of today!

Photo BoothWhen Photo Booths exploded back on the entertainment scene a few years back it was nostalgia that drove the frenzy.  Brides loved the old style strips of four photos and the candid poses guests would supply.  Company parties, birthdays and mitzvahs all were became events where photo booths were a must have.

At first, booths had just the standard four strip photo, just like the original photo booths of the 60’s.  Then custom headers and footers were added to personalize each strip.  Double strips were added that could be pulled apart leaving one strip for the guest and one for the bride.  But these were simple additions until technology took over!

At the recent DJ Times trade show in Atlantic City, there were at least seven companies selling variations of photo booths.  The difficulty in counting is that some photo booths don’t even look like photo booths, they are simply cameras and printers that give you photo strips.

Some of the booths were very traditional in design, some extremely elegant.  Many were compact yet expandable, allowing for easy transport and a variety of physical situations.  Others were simply a camera on a stand with lights.

What is new with photo booths is technology.  Many of the new booths offer a video option allowing your guests to tape a message that is delivered on cd or dvd to you at the end of the event.  Some even upload photos or videos to the internet for later retrieval using a code.

With the popularity of Facebook, many of the photo booths, like the newest offering from Bobby K Entertainment, allow guests to log into their Facebook accounts while at the event and upload their pictures in real time.  They can also choose to email the pictures to their account or to friends.

Photo booths continue to develop new and exciting options.  Make sure you get the most out of yours when you book for your next event!

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