Holiday Party Ideas

When planning a holiday party, people soon get tired of the same old thing. Holiday Tunes, chicken dinner… then campy prizes are soon forgotten as half the people are leaving early and the other half are getting smashed on eggnog!

Pump some fun into your party with a variety of ideas, from simple to extravagant.

Some simple games that can be played during cocktails, dinner and even throughout the night include:

Stuffing Santa: Two teams of four choose one person to be Santa and wear our oversized Red Union Suits or T-shirts. The other three team members then start stuffing Santa with Balloons that they blow, tie and stuff within the time period of one song. The team that stuffs their Santa with the most Balloons wins! (NEED TWO SHIRTS, BAG OF BALLOONS)

Holiday Trivia: Questions about Holiday traditions from around the world, usually asked during the dinner portion of the evening and played either individually or as a table.

Build A Snowman: Teams of four select one person to be the “Snowman.” At signal, the other three members will use one roll of toilet paper to wrap the snowman until the roll is gone or the song is over. Topped with a hat and a carrot, the best looking snowman wins!! (NEED 4 ROLLS TOILET PAPER, 4 HATS, 4 CARROTS) OPTION: Build a christmas tree with green toilet paper, ornaments, tinsel and Star for top.

Confusing Christmas Carols: This is a “Pictionary” type game with two pages of drawings you can use.  Pass them around to tables so guests can work on them together to come up with the correct answers.

Scavenger Hunt/Musical Chairs: Set Up A number of chairs facing the audience. Have contestants sit in chairs and on your command, go into the audience to find one of the scavenger hunt items. The items have to be easier for this and they cannot have the item themselves. When they get up to leave, take 1-2 chairs away, the first ones back remain, the others leave the game.  Last person sitting is the winner.

Reindeer Antler toss game funAntler Toss
: Have four teams of two come up and face each other. One team member puts on the antlers, the other takes four “wreaths” to try and throw on the antlers. Four tries, the team with the most ringers wins! In case of ties, continue moving the people apart and compete again. (NEED 4 ANTLERS, 16 WREATHS)

Hat Pass: Start With everyone in a circle and multiple hats (sombreros work best). Pass hats around and play “hot potato.” Those with a hat on stay, those without are eliminated. Keep pulling hats until one winner. You can have people pass left on Christmas, right on Rudolph, hold on Grinch, & Yell ho ho ho on Santa etc. Have fun with it.

KAZOO Choir: Pass out kazoos to each table and challenge them to humming a Holiday song as a group – go by audience response to find a winning table.

With a little creativity, you can find more games or make your own to build a fund Holiday party that will be remembered for the full year!

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