Black Light Theme Party

The late 60’s and early 70’s brought us a psychedelic era that was exemplified by incense, felt posters, and black lights! While the posters may be out of favor, the black lights have never lost their popularity – and in recent years have gotten even more popular!

By being creative with the use of black lights and with the advent of LED black lights, more entertainment options are now available. However, just throwing up a black light does not make a party.

Bobby K Entertainment has found numerous ways to use this new technology to make black lights even more entertaining by integrating their use into traditional games:

  • Cosmic Golf is a nine hole miniature golf course with the putters, balls, and every hole UV reactive. By adding 3-D glasses, the balls seem to float in mid-air when trying to putt due to the special surfaces.
  • Midnight Volleyball is a darkened room illuminated only with black lights and with the net, ball, and court lines all UV reactive. Players use special makeup and glow necklaces to be seen.
  • Glow Racing is the newest rage where four-wheeled, UV reactive pedal racers head down a similarly-lit race course. This creates a special “night time” event.
  • Blacklight Dance Parties pull it all together with great music and a full array of black lights. The party is special because each piece of clothing reacts differently and our makeup and glow items allow partiers to stand out.

For more ideas on how to incorporate black lights into your fundraisers, corporate events, parties, weddings, and more, visit today!

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