Amusement Ride Safety Tips for Parents

  1. Remember – you’re the one who knows your child best; the ride operator doesn’t.
    While your child may be tall enough to ride an amusement ride, it still may not be appropriate for him or her. Some children are afraid of heights, some are afraid of the dark and others have trouble staying seated. The ride attendant does not know your child – you do. Please carefully watch what the ride does before allowing your child to participate.
  2. Watch before you ride.
    Before you put your child on a ride, watch it first. That way, your child will know what to expect. It’s also a good idea to read the warning sign aloud with your child, and to point out the ride operator and the exit and entrance locations.
  3. Obey minimum height, age, weight and health restrictions.
  4. Don’t put children on rides they’re afraid of.
    Make sure your child knows not to try to get off the ride, even if he or she becomes afraid. If your child gets scared, ask if the ride can be stopped.
  5. Keep small children away from open sides. Always seat them on the inside.
  6. Always use the ride’s safety equipment – seatbelts, lap bars, etc. – but be aware of their limitations.
    A lap bar, for instance, may still leave room for a small child to slide around, and would not be safe.
  7. Tell your children to keep their heads, hands, feet and arms inside the ride, and not to try to get off the ride before it comes to a complete stop.
  8. Don’t assume a ride is safe for children if you hold on to them.
    If you hold on to your child, you can’t look after yourself, and you may put both of you at risk.
  9. Teach children what to do if they become separated from you.
    Point out uniformed park employees who can help them, and designate a conspicuous spot as a meeting place.
  10. Remember that rides and water parks are fun, but they pose hazards.
    Rides and water park attractions are designed by manufacturers in order to make a profit. Even in the most well-known amusement parks, your children need your protection.

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