Reindeer Racing for your Holiday Theme Party

I wouldn’t blame you for asking what the heck Reindeer Racing can possibly be?  While some creative party people have created live racing with crabs, goldfish and even mice, the Humane Societies and Health Departments sometimes frown upon such activities.

But Reindeer Racing?  
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Holiday Party Ideas

When planning a holiday party, people soon get tired of the same old thing. Holiday Tunes, chicken dinner… then campy prizes are soon forgotten as half the people are leaving early and the other half are getting smashed on eggnog!

Pump some fun into your party with a variety of ideas, from simple to extravagant.
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Bounce Houses: Parent Responsibility

With the recent notoriety of bounce house accidents this summer, finger pointing has been prevalent. Accusations are made that inflatable bounce houses are not staked properly, are not inspected or maintained, or that operators are not paying attention.

One of the most overlooked aspects of bounce house safety is rider responsibility and in the case of minors, the parental supervision.
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Safe Inflatables for Kids

Ziff Law recently used Bobby K Entertainment as a resource for their latest blog post on safely using inflatables, moonwalks, and bouncehouses. The New York Accident Attorneys wrote this post because of the recent accidents involving improperly installed bounce houses and inflatables.
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